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30 something service user, activist, writer and mother living with bipolar disorder. Proud winner of the Mark Hanson Prize for Digital Media at the Mind Media Awards #VMGMindAwards 2013. Winner of the World in Mentalists Mood Disorder blog 2012. Regular guest blogger for the International Bipolar Foundation Expert by Experience working with Mind training department. Working on The Incoming Tide, a bipolar memoir. Find me on Twitter @BipolarBlogger or at my Facebook page

Jagged little pill: has the recovery narrative gone too far?

I feel that in writing this post, which has been brewing for a long time, I am saying something that some might see as controversial. So let me start by making something clear. This post is not intended to criticise … Continue reading

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[TW: suicidal thoughts] I found the early part of this year terrifying. During 2013 I had begun to feel that I had at least some level control over my mood state by using meds (tweaking the dose of my antipsychotic … Continue reading

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Finding ‘Mike’

I’ll be wearing waterproof mascara tonight. I’ve a feeling it’s going to get emotional. I can’t remember exactly where I was when I first heard about the #FindMike campaign. I do know that one day I said to my partner … Continue reading

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I’ve been quieter about my mental health lately. I’ve certainly blogged less, and I think I’ve been less honest about my feelings on Twitter, reluctant to open up about what’s happening for me. Scared to jinx it, I suppose. Scared … Continue reading

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Help needed! Could you participate in our research into medication choices in pregnancy?

I mentioned some time ago that I was involved in research with the McPin Foundation and UCL looking at how women make choices about whether to continue psychotropic meds in pregnancy. It’s time for an update – and a plea … Continue reading

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Together: supporting my child when we both have mental health difficulties

I’ve always worried about my son Max. Actually, that’s not quite true. He was the sunniest baby I have ever met, almost never crying so that when he did, I knew there was something really wrong (usually an ear infection). … Continue reading

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Look down: the benefits of online friendships

So, there’s a guy called Gary Turk who’s made what is being hailed as a “life changing” video. Look Up is about the dangers of being constantly attached to our devices and the evils of social media and is being widely shared, … Continue reading

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