Charlotte’s media and writing credits

Charlotte is available to speak on television and radio, whether live or prerecorded, as well as providing quotes for print and online media on topics related to mental health.

Her media and writing credits include:

September 2021 Mental health stigma and online social support for bipolar disorder: what can we learn from Twitter? The Mental Elf

February 2021 Writing clinic letters (guidance for psychiatrists) The Royal College of Psychiatrists

January 2021 What do people with bipolar really pay attention to when they are monitoring their mood? The Mental Elf

November 2020 Hughes, E., Mitchell, N., Gascoyne, S., Moe-Byrne, T., Edmondson, A., Coleman, E., Millett, L., Ali, S., Cournos, F., Dare, C., Hewitt, C., Johnson, S., Kaur, H. S., McKinnon, K., Mercer, C., Nolan, F., Walker, C., Wainberg, M. and Watson, J. (2020) The RESPECT study: a feasibility randomised controlled trial of a sexual health promotion intervention for people with serious mental illness in community mental health services in the UK BMC Public Health no. 20

December 2019 Hughes, E., Mitchell, N., Gascoyne, S., Moe-Byrne, T., Edmondson, A., Coleman, E., Millett, L., Ali, S., Dare, C., Hewitt, C., Johnson, S., Llewellyn, C., Mercer, C., Nolan, F., Walker, C., Watson, J. (2019) Sexual health promotion in people with severe mental illness: the RESPECT feasibility RCT Journal of Health Technology Assessment 23 (65)

September 2019 Pinfold, V., Dare, C., Hamilton, S., Kaur, H., Lambley, R., Nicholls, V., Peterson, I., Szmcynska, P., Walker, C., Stevenson, F. (2019) Anti-psychotic medication decision making during pregnancy: a co-produced research study Mental Health Review Journal 28 (2) pp. 69-84

July 2019 Pinfold, V., Dare, C., Hamilton, S., Kaur, H., Lambley, R,., Nicholls, V., Peterson, I., Szmcynska, P., Walker,C., Stevenson, F. Anti-psychotic medication decision making during pregnancy: a co-produced research study BMJ Open 6 (1)

July 2019 “Wrestling some power back for the women”: My experiences researching medication decision-making in pregnancy 

17/06/2019 It’s too late for Theresa May to solve the mental health crisis among young people – here’s why The Independent

29/05/2018 Blog for the FundaMentals project aimed at actively encourage young people to feel comfortable talking about mental health

19/10/2017 Video – BBC website: 12 tips on what to pack for a mental health hospital 

August 2017 A History of the Ward in 10 ½ Objects The Lancet Psychiatry 4 (8) pp. 592-594

January 2016 Stevenson, F., Hamilton, S., Pinfold, V., Walker, C., Dare, C. R. J., Kaur, H., Petersen, I. (2016). Decisions about the use of psychotropic medication during pregnancy: a qualitative study. Bmj Open, 6(1), 6.

22/01/2016 Interviewed for BBC Breakfast on the topic of proposed cuts to sickness benefits

20/11/2015 How yoga helped balanced my bipolar – BBC

04/11/2015 Creating the ideal bipolar wedding – BBC

September 2015 Beyond Boundaries – The Lancet Psychiatry

July 2015 Interviewed for BBC Radio Three Counties Shrink Wrapped mental health show

06/05/2015 “The bittersweet world of mental health online”  – BBC

29/05/2015 “My battle with bipolar” – Stylist magazine

13/04/2015 Extensively quoted in a BBC Ouch! story on mental health images in the media

16/02/2015 Guest blogger for Mumsnet on the need to improve mental health support for teachers and pupils in schools.

Jan 2015 ‘Fool’s Gold’ – a review of Stephen Fry’s More Fool Me – The Lancet Psychiatry

20/12/2014 Depression and Christmas just don’t go – BBC

02/12/2014 Extensively quoted in Martin Williams’ Guardian blog, Five ways to tackle the mental health taboo in your classroom

December 2014 Purplepersuasion recommended in Benenden’s Benhealth magazine


14/11/2014 Quoted in The Lancet technology section on the issue of Samaritans Radar

23/11/2014 Purplepersuasion selected by the Mail on Sunday as a top health blog


03/10/2014 Discussion participant on BBC Breakfast commenting on DWP proposals to offer people more tailored support to return to work

22/07/2014 First aid for the mind (on the concept of Mental Health First Aid) – BBC

July 2014 Feature with photo on Charlotte and her blog in Holland and Barrett’s Healthy magazine

June 2014 Review of Costa Prize winner The Shock of the Fall for The Lancet PsychiatryVol. 1 No. 1 p 21

Autumn/Winter 2013 edition of One in Four Magazine (published May 2014): The Drugs do Work.

20/02/2014 Expert panel member at London Medfest, the medical film festival, alongside Dr Raj Persaud, Dr Kier Shiels (who appeared on Your Life in Their Hands) and Dr Kamran Ahmed, consultant psychiatrist and filmmaker.

17/02/2014 Featured in the Evening Standard as one of London’s 20 best bloggers

11/02/2014 Contributor to a series of blogs in which “leading figures in the mental health world what it would take to improve things for people with serious mental illness” commissioned to mark the departure of Paul Jenkins as CEO of Rethink Mental Illness.

04/02/2014 Appeared in an anti-stigma feature in The Sun’s “Me” health section (see pic above!)

29/01/2014 Interviewed for Society Guardian by Mary O’Hara

27/01/2014 Expert by experience contributing to Guardian Careers blog on returning to work after mental ill health

18/12/2013 Interviewed for feature on mental health at Christmas for the Ealing Gazette

17/12/2013 Interviewed for BBC Ouch! Disability talk show podcast no. 103 (Bah humbug!)

27/11/2013 BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hour – interviewed by Jenni Murray

22/11/2013 Ealing Gazette piece on Charlotte’s win at the Mind Media Awards

19/11/2013 Featured on and Guardian Society Daily for winning the Mark Hanson Digital Media Award

18/11/2013 Winner of the Mark Hanson Award for Digital Media at the Mind Media Awards 2013

11/11/2013 Guest post for the Society of Virtual Assistants on staying mentally well while working at home

07/11/2013 Blog post #badmummy featured as Mumsnet Bloggers Network Blog of the Day

November 2013 – picked as a Top Sante magazine “health blogger we love”

November 2013 – appointed member of judging panel for the TWIM Awards 2013

30/10/2013 Attended protest against Thorpe Park’s “Asylum” Halloween attraction, interviewed by local Get Surrey website

25/10/2013 Asked by LBC Radio to put a question to panel on Thorpe Park’s “Asylum” Halloween attraction

04/10/2013 Featured on Guardian Society Daily for coverage of the King’s Fund event on the future of mental healthcare in London

26/09/2013 Quoted by BBC News online about use of the word “mental” following the “mental patient” Halloween costume story

26/09/2013 Blog post The Unfashionable Truth featured in Guardian Society Daily

25/09/2013 Guest post, The Silver Lining on the Bipolar Cloud, on bipolar, writing and memoir published by Women Writers

12/09/2013 Blog shortlisted for the Mark Hanson Digital Media Award at the Mind Media Awards

09/09/2013 Interviewed by Guardian journalist Mary O’Hara on experience Work Capability Assessment for her forthcoming book on austerity

22/08/2013 Guest blog at Fashionworked on bipolar and body image

Summer 2013 Beamed across the nation in One in Four Magazine

06/06/2013 Interviewed live in the Sky News newsroom, giving a bipolar perspective on the news of Stephen Fry’s suicide attempt

04/05/2013 Bipolar Holiday piece published by BBC Ouch!

09/04/2013 Interviewed for Converge, a podcast about activism and discrimination, on mental health stigma

08/02/2013 Interviewed about the blog for the Ealing Gazette

22/01/2013 Blog post To tell, or not to tell featured on Guardian Society Daily

November 2011 Photographic model for anti-stigma project Charlotte and I by Helen Rimell exhibited at London College of Communication show Neither Snake nor Lizard


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  1. Erika says:

    I read your post about 10 things not to say to people who want to commit suicide. I feel like dying right now. I’ve been with this man 13 years I’ve had six restraining orders on him it feels like I’m in a hole and can’t get out. We just go back-and-forth and back-and-forth and fight and when the times when I told him to move out he goes through it’s going to be 30 days I’m taking the cats. He’s actually said to me well why don’t you do it you’ve said it so many times what you just go drive off a cliff. Today just might be the day there’s a 17 year difference me being the older one but I guess I look younger but who cares about that. I’ve gone through most of those years with him being an alcoholic he supposedly quit but I think he still sneaking it. What to do I don’t know.

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