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Not all hypos are equal: when things get nasty

When I was discharged from hospital a couple of weeks ago I thought it would take me a long time to recover from the experience. I was actually quite shocked by the depth of my own pain; I’ve been experiencing … Continue reading

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OK, I’ll admit it – I hate the Silver Linings Playbook

A few weeks ago, I went to see the film Silver Linings Playbook with a friend. I was looking forward to it, because I’d heard such good things about its treatment of bipolar. However, about ten minutes in I began … Continue reading

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Attack of the irritable bipolar lady – now with new laser eyes!

Irritability has been a problem throughout my life. Sometimes it’s felt uncontrollable, and now and then it’s definitely got me into trouble. My irritated mood has a tendency to deploy my mouth and vocal chords before my wiser mind can … Continue reading

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