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Is your understanding of the word depression the same as mine? And how can we ever know? Continue reading

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A life in the day of bipolar mixed mood

It would be so nice if being hypomanic and depressed at the same time meant that they cancelled each other out, if the high would make peace with the low so you could find a place in the middle. Instead they antagonise each other, taking it in … Continue reading

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Not back on track

***TRIGGER WARNING SUICIDE*** Uh-oh. My rate of blogging is always a sign I could be unwell and here we are, two in two days. I mentioned medication change and aripiprazole (brand name Abilify) almost in passing yesterday. Truth is, I was using … Continue reading

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Oh anxiety, you trickster, you joker, you fiddler with minds. Anxiety is all over me at the moment. There are probable reasons for this; I’m on a therapeutic dose of aripiprazole, which is well known for causing agitation and  anxiety, and I … Continue reading

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In two minds

So apparently I am having to live with a dual reality. One is about logic, “facts” and what I “know” to be true (or more accurately what I previously knew to be true). The other is a different sort of … Continue reading

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The woman in the crumbling mask

[TW: suicidal thoughts] As Christmas approached I was cautiously optimistic. I’d been doing so much better since starting lamotrigine, feeling like myself for the first time in who knows when. I saw no reason why that shouldn’t continue. Of course … Continue reading

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I was wrong

I’m not tremendously good at admitting when I’m wrong – indeed, my partner would be overwhelmed with amusement at the suggestion I do it at all. But I’m admitting it now: I was wrong, dead wrong, about being in recovery. … Continue reading

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