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Pride and pragmatism

I’ve always been a bit confused about pride. My parents were atheists, but my allegedly Anglican grandma (although I never knew her to go to church beyond the hatch, match and dispatch variety of service) would tell me that pride … Continue reading

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To tell, or not to tell

I’ve seen a lot of discussion recently about the disclosure of mental health problems at work. Should you? Shouldn’t you? If you do decide to disclose, how should you do it – and when? In your application? At interview? After … Continue reading

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“And the score from Glasgow is… nil points.”

Yesterday I arrived home from a very difficult time away to find a Department for Work and Pensions decision letter following the painful and humiliating Atos Work Capability Assessment (WCA) I underwent in July. Before I say any more, let’s just … Continue reading

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Revised expectations

We’re not encouraged to have anything other than great expectations in our society. Enough is not enough. On a personal level, we are conditioned to anticipate success and increase, while whole societies reject sufficiency for economies which must keep growing, … Continue reading

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