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Not all hypos are equal: when things get nasty

When I was discharged from hospital a couple of weeks ago I thought it would take me a long time to recover from the experience. I was actually quite shocked by the depth of my own pain; I’ve been experiencing … Continue reading

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I just can’t get me out of my head

I’m not really of a scientific bent. I am  definitely more a creature of the metaphor and the analogy. So I know that I’m probably talking absolute nonsense in terms of neurobiology (no need to write in and tell me … Continue reading

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Keep Yourself Alive

I have already blogged about my recent adventures in insomnia (And still my brain whirs). Last week this was exacerbated by a rare side effect of sodium valproate: visual hallucinations. I never doubted that they were due to the valproate … Continue reading

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And still my brain whirs

I think it’s fair to say that anyone who’s ever cared for a baby goes through a pretty steep learning curve. The look on new parents’ faces is caused not just by exhaustion, but by general disorientation and a sense … Continue reading

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