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So long, lithium

I can tell you pretty accurately when I started taking lithium, because I blogged about it (wow, I have been blogging for a long time). In fact, that post tells me that it’s very nearly seven years to the day. … Continue reading

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The naked brain

Ever wanted to run off to a cave and hide for a couple of weeks? Today it was agreed that after everything I described in my last post, my symptoms are “clearly iatrogenic” (medically induced) and “clearly intolerable” and that … Continue reading

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Where there is no spring and no autumn: the world of rapid cycling

Seasons are funny things. If you live in a equatorial region, you may barely experience them at all; if you live in a polar region you probably live part of the year in unremitting darkness which eventually gives way to … Continue reading

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My week in meds

I published my second ever blog today over on YouTube. It’s Inspired by “What a week of groceries looks like around the world”, which got me thinking about what a week of meds might look like if laid out in a … Continue reading

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Five hundred miles: remission versus recovery

My partner and I are going to France over the Easter weekend. I’ve been looking forward to the trip for months, believing that being virtually symptom-free will mean being able to enjoy myself in the way I used to when … Continue reading

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Obesity behind the blinds

It’s been a bad few of months for me as disabled benefit scrounger (I guess I still qualify since I am unemployed and don’t have any regular income source other than DLA). First of all there was George Osborn’s October … Continue reading

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Completely controllable? The truth about the bipolar controllability myth

Wherever I’ve been on the internet over the past few days, I keep seeing this headline: “With my bipolar becoming public, I hope fellow sufferers will know it’s completely controllable.”- Catherine Zeta-Jones. The story had been widely reported following her … Continue reading

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