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Some people find psychiatry helpful… and that’s OK

I grew up very close to a Victorian asylum. It began to close in the late 1980s, when I was in my teens, but even as a child I was aware that some of the people I saw wandering the … Continue reading

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Hotel California

Am I ill? This question is so much on my mind. I came into hospital because I was having detailed suicidal thoughts and almost took my own life, but at my core I still don’t believe that in the face … Continue reading

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When we don’t know what we don’t know: the “forced C-section” case

A heavily pregnant woman with bipolar – let’s call her A – is sectioned after a panic attack. Social workers, unable to wait until the child is born, demand that it be delivered early, ready to snatch it the moment … Continue reading

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I think I might have bipolar…. Tips for approaching healthcare professionals

The internet is a great way of making connections. I blog and tweet primarily because writing about how I’m feeling (even when it’s only in 140 character bursts!) helps me to deal with my experiences, but it’s always great when … Continue reading

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