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Have you tried mindfulness?

I was sitting at my dining table with Tom and two members of the Crisis Team. They were there because I was experiencing overwhelming intrusive thoughts of running away and killing myself. My mind was totally out of control; I … Continue reading

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She took to her bed: safe spaces and danger zones

Today I have been trying to explain to my Consultant that I feel that there are a number of zones in which They have more chance to get at me, where their power is stronger. Places like what I am … Continue reading

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Where the damage is done

So much has happened to me since I last wrote a personal post that I find it difficult to link this one to the one before. Filling you in by writing it down now will diminish how very terrible things … Continue reading

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999: Is your emergency deserving enough?

[Content note: A&E for mental health crisis, poor care experiences, suicidal thoughts, self-harm] The strain felt by A&E departments as we move into winter has been much in the news. Today the Guardian pronounces the whole A&E system to be … Continue reading

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So this is Christmas – and what have I learned?

[Content note: discusses suicidal thoughts] Yesterday I was looking through some photos and came across pictures of Tom and I took in Bavaria last Christmas. Looking at them gave me a strange jolt. It suddenly felt like no time at … Continue reading

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An impossible ask

I’m going to start with a massive TRIGGER WARNING. This post contains numerous references to suicidal thoughts and descriptions of methods, as well as intrusive thoughts of self-harm. Please don’t read on if this could be damaging to you. After … Continue reading

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Dude, where’s my cast?

[TW: Suicidal thoughts] It’s very hard to explain what’s been happening in my care since I last posted, so try and bear with me. I have made a lot of visits to Home Treatment Team nurses, all of who have … Continue reading

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Step by step and day by day: enter the Home Treatment Team

[TRIGGER WARNING: SUICIDE] I’m not really sure what this post is. An update? An explanation? Perhaps it’s more of an exploration of what is happening to me right now. Regular readers of my posts and tweets can hardly fail to … Continue reading

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Carers Week: a letter to my partner

This is my 100th post. I’ve been racking my brains about how to mark the occasion, but have just been reminded that this week, 10-17 June, is Carers Week. What better use for my centenary post than a letter to … Continue reading

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No silver linings

Six weeks on, I am trying to put the crisis I experienced in Spain into some kind of context. I’ve talked about it with various people, and a certain theme seems to be emerging. People want to reassure me that, despite the … Continue reading

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