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So this week Prince Harry made a number of statements on mental health. I am really glad that he feels able to disclose a need for treatment around the death of his mother. It would be very sad to think of him … Continue reading

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Jagged little pill: has the recovery narrative gone too far?

I feel that in writing this post, which has been brewing for a long time, I am saying something that some might see as controversial. So let me start by making something clear. This post is not intended to criticise … Continue reading

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Everybody hurts? Privilege in mental health.

I’ve seen a lot of discussion lately – most recently this morning on Twitter, regarding the footballer Stan Collymore – as to whether celebrities who are open about mental distress are a) wonderful ambassadors in the fight against stigma, or … Continue reading


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Self-stigma: how I buy the negative hype

It’s always interesting when the same idea starts popping up in a number of places. Over the past two weeks I have been noticing a lot of interesting stuff on the subject of mental health and self-stigma. The current issue … Continue reading

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No dressing gowns allowed! Photographing mental distress

Despite my recent low mood, being involved with the anti-stigma photography project has continued to be a source of interest and enjoyment for me. I have now met Helen on three occasions, and I think am a lot clearer about … Continue reading

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It’s good to talk

Today I did something I’ve never done before: I stopped complete strangers enjoying a day out, to talk to them about mental health. I was one of a number of volunteers who had signed up with Time to Change to … Continue reading

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Ten supportive things I’m glad somebody said to me

I certainly received a lot of comments on my last post – many, many more than I was hoping for or expecting! A couple of people suggested that it might be useful and/or interesting to see a similar list of … Continue reading

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Ten things not to say to a depressed person

Depression is a very common illness.  The World Health Organization estimates that between 5 and 10% of us are, at any given time, suffering from depression which meets the clinical criteria for a mental illness.  Over a person’s life-time, their … Continue reading

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