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Look Mum, no antipsychotics!

On (re)diagnosis in 2011 I was recommended quetiapine, but also asked to consider lamotrigene. I was given the chance to go away and read the leaflets and come back the following week, but I wanted to get started. Also my … Continue reading

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999: Is your emergency deserving enough?

[Content note: A&E for mental health crisis, poor care experiences, suicidal thoughts, self-harm] The strain felt by A&E departments as we move into winter has been much in the news. Today the Guardian pronounces the whole A&E system to be … Continue reading

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Ten ways to make service user participation more meaningful

I’ve been to a few events in past months as a patient/service user representative. Some events have had a specific mental health remit, others have looked at the wider NHS, but either way the focus has been on improving individuals’ … Continue reading

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Five hot buzzwords in the future of mental health

Yesterday I attended a day at health charity The King’s Fund on the future mental of health in London. The event was for stakeholders (which basically means people who are invested in the process of planning services) and attenders included … Continue reading

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Guest post: Some history of bipolar disorder in the UK (part 2)

I am very pleased to introduce the second part of this wonderful guest post reflecting on how professionals understood and responded to bipolar (or manic depression) in the mid-20th century. I met many others who had this same label of … Continue reading

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Comments and complaints on healthcare: do you dare to share?

I am a firm believer in complaining. I’m not talking about whinging or grumbling, although I think it’s important that sick and disabled people are allowed to do that too. I’m talking about making it known when the health or … Continue reading

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