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The pam fam: the demonisation of benzodiazepines

“Diazepam.” A single word tweet. Regular readers or Twitter followers will know what that meant: I had hit an intolerable level of anxiety which I was managing with a prescribed benzodiazepine. One which I am not only authorised but encouraged … Continue reading

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Zero hours

So next week I have to go to the GP to ask for an extension to my sick note. After initially signing me off for six weeks they gave me another certificate for four weeks, but this time I have … Continue reading

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The long and winding road

Back in the spring a number of people started to suggest I might benefit from referral to a tertiary service. It would be wrong to assume that everyone knows what that means, so for those who need it, scroll down … Continue reading

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Mind the gap!

What a lot of gaps there are for mental health service users to fall into! First, there’s the gap between symptoms developing and receiving a correct diagnosis (which will probably be at least ten years, if you have bipolar). Even … Continue reading

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