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The green zone: how “recovered” do I want to be?

I’ve been reflecting on and discussing the concept of recovery a lot lately. I meant to write quite a political post about the recovery model, about which I’ve been openly critical both on here and on social media, about how … Continue reading

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Busy doing nothing: in praise of purposeless activity

I’ll declare a couple interests before I begin. First, I like JoJo Moyes. Her books have touched me, and when I tweeted about one of them I got all fangirl when she replied. The After You sample is sitting in … Continue reading

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Six degrees of platitude: on “inspirational” quotes

I often wonder if the developers of Facebook and Twitter ever foresaw just how much of their traffic would be made up of inspirational quotes. Day in day out, social media users are bombarded with quotes attributed to the Dalai … Continue reading

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Radical acceptance

Well into my twenties, I thought I would always be ill. Years of experience had taught me that the best I could hope was to have an acute mental health episode only every other year, rather than yearly. And the older I … Continue reading

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