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Revolving door

TW: references to suicide methods I remember the first time I was in hospital I was sitting on the floor chatting with my friend Phil, when he spotted somebody he recalled from a previous admission. “There’s Paul!” he said, looking … Continue reading

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Choose your own misadventure

**TW: suicide, including methods** I’m aware that misadventure isn’t the correct terms here; it means something that happens to befall you. The things that might befall me aren’t happenstance, or bad luck, but what else can I say? Am I … Continue reading

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And then I came to the end. Again.

I’m finding it really had to blog right now. I’m tired, and my brain feels slow and stupid. Out of the blue, after three weeks of relative normality, I got captured and put in the cupboard again. It’s only been … Continue reading

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