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Goodbye Samaritans Radar… hello Facebook report button

There’s no denying that suicide is a very real and serious problem. In 2013 over six thousand people in the UK took their own lives, a tragic figure which suicide prevention programmes rightly hope to reduce. But you might be … Continue reading

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The seductive whisper of the suicidal voice

***TRIGGER WARNING: suicidal thoughts, suicide planning suicide attempt, overdose, physical affects of treatment of overdose*** In September 2001, in the middle of a bipolar mixed episode, an idea came to me. I’d barely slept in a week despite prescribed zopiclone, … Continue reading

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What have I done?

***MORE BIG TRIGGER WARNINGS FOR SUICIDE, INCLUDING METHODS*** Yesterday I forced myself to be more honest than I have ever been about my suicidality. I told the Home Treatment Team Consultant, the team Registrar and my partner Tom everything I … Continue reading

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Trying to believe

  I have to believeThat life has meaningSomehowThat I am useful hereSometimesThat I make small differencesSomewhere I have to believeThat I need to stay hereFor some timeThat all this teaches me Something Excerpt from Ann Thorp’s Belief (set to music as the … Continue reading

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25 things to choose to do before I choose to die

As I write this, thoughts of suicide are very far away. In fact, my mood is a little bit elevated. I am having trouble sleeping, despite the quetiapine, and I am waking frequently at nothing – only to be pulled … Continue reading

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