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A disappointment

I had thought I was doing so well… Continue reading

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Choose your own misadventure

**TW: suicide, including methods** I’m aware that misadventure isn’t the correct terms here; it means something that happens to befall you. The things that might befall me aren’t happenstance, or bad luck, but what else can I say? Am I … Continue reading

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Today I unpacked a little wheelie suitcase. To the casual observer it would probably have looked as if I were off to a weekend in Barcelona or Prague or somewhere, trying to get by with just a carry-on bag. It … Continue reading

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Don’t rock the boat!

A week since my last post and I am still feeling stable. I’m beginning to answer, “How are you?” by saying that I am well, or even good. I still do it with a slight sense of trepidation. Is this … Continue reading

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Whatever I do, I’ll probably be wrong

I’ve just been for a walk. This was a bit of an achievement, given that it took a tremendous effort to get out of bed and dressed, let alone to get myself outside (I didn’t manage to have a shower … Continue reading

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Guest post: The long journey ahead

Today my friend Golden Ink, who has supported me so much in recent months, shares her fears about her mental health and the conclusions emerging as 2013 nears its end. It’s coming up to Christmas and I’d like to ask … Continue reading

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